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Jayne A. Quan

Digital and news media professional and multimedia enthusiast, Jayne is an author, copywriter, poet, artist, journalist, photographer, videographer, and data geek. They previously managed Vox Video’s social presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (currently X). They are currently the Digital Media Specialist for the USC Iovine and Young Academy.Get in touch via email below.

Praise for
All this happened, more or less

'All This Happened, More or Less is a clear, patient, impassioned look at the bodies we inhabit, the skins we shed, the burdens we carry; it is a tender cri de coeur about the possibility of transformation and the meaning of life, that asks each of us to look once more at what we may have assumed or taken for granted, at who we might be or become.'
—Lucy Caldwell
'Jayne is just a lovely writer, and these searching, beautifully cadenced essays are filled with abiding truths.'
—Anne Enright
'Jayne A. Quan's beautifully written essays are moving and revelatory explorations of loss and identity. You'll be the better for reading them.'
—Patrick Freyne
'Jayne Quan has built a cathedral of love and grief and acceptance; of bodies and faith, of loss and desire. A book that's alive with truth and possibility, looking inwardly to our private sorrows while engaging politically with the world. A superb, deeply moving and unforgettable work. '
—Sinéad Gleeson